We get many chances to impress someone by gifting and no doubt, It’s hardest to get a gift for someone. The creativity and your choice for gift is very important, if you want your gift to be loved. In India, there are many occasions that we celebrate happily but the gifting is a great issue here. But occasionally we do not have to think about it a lot as at most of the occasions we have to gift only some sweets as the celebration must be sweetest.

We don’t only gift on occasions because the good news can be the reason of celebration as well. Here is an advice that creativity always wins the heart of people. Most of the time sweets are gifted for celebration but I would tell you the best ideas of yummy gifts today. I have collected the best yummy food items, not only sweets, that can be great for the celebration.

Homemade Soup Mixes

You can show your caring and sweet side by this homemade soup mixes. The healthiness of this soup and the taste would make a good impression for you. This vegetarian five bean soup mix includes Italian barley as well. You have to make sure about the decoration of the jar and make sure that you have included the recipe of the soup.

Homemade Herb Butter

There are numerous food items that can’t be called “yummy food” without the spread of butter on it. The home made herb butter have many cave of its taste so, gift this to your friend and make his food more delicious everyday. Don’t forget to tie a homemade loaf of bread with a tea towel.

Homemade Jam

The sweetness of homemade jam is different from the other jam jars because the healthiest thing is always made in home. Obviously, jam is favourite of children and they would love to have a jam with every single food item be it with bread chapati or anything. You can gift this homemade jam to your friend with loaf bread to make the gift more impressive. Again Creative packing would impress anyone.

Homemade Cookie dough

These homemade cute cookies dough would make your friend’s holiday snacks more prestigious. Not only the food item, the packaging way of these yummy items must be ravishing as well.

Cookie butter puppy chow

Feed these amazing butter puppy chow cookies to your friends, neighbours and to the relatives. I would recommend you this to gift on the Christmas celebration with a beautiful packaging idea and I am pretty sure they would love to have these yummy cookies.

Homemade Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorns? Everyone likes these snacks because of its spicy and amazing taste. Gift this with your love and a food lover would always appreciate it.

Homemade Slow Cooker Granola

Most of the people love homemade granola because of its flawless taste and its healthiness. Anyone would be really happy by this beautiful health conscious gift idea!

Coffee Syrups

Your friend would be so happy by this gift of coffee syrups if he/she is a cave of coffee. These coffee syrups can be used in many ways just gift it to the people obsessed with coffee they would tell you 100 of unique way to use it.

Hot Chocolate Mix

From my perspective, hot chocolate mix is the easiest thing that I can make and not only for me, it is reality of many other people. I would prefer you to serve this hot chocolate with love and don’t forget about the marshmallows because this would add more sweetness in it.

 White chocolate haystacks

Serve this noodle and salted peanuts with finishing of holiday sprinkles. This haystack includes melted marshmallows, white chocolate chip and vanilla frosting. You can make anyone your cooking fan by this sweetest yummy food item.

Salt Caramel Sauce

Sauce is the another most liked food item by child and the reason of this is its crazy taste. You must gift this to your junk food buddy as he would always need it.

Homemade pickles

From my stats pickles are the most liked food item by the females and the plus point about this is that it can be used in many ways. You can gift this to your neighbours but make sure the cleanliness of the jar before keeping pickles in it.


I hope that you loved all of these yummy food items and I think that you have chosen one to gift your neighbour, relatives, and friends. These items would be more yummy and sweet with your love. So, enjoy your occasions impeccably.

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