Indoor gardening is the idea of growing plants indoors in multiple styles and techniques. There can be various reasons for growing plants indoors.

  • Beautification of houses, offices, or restaurants.
  • Creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Lack of outdoor space may also initiate someone to start indoors.

The concept of Indoor gardening is immensely popular nowadays and is performed in various ways. There are be three types of indoor gardening distinctively.

  • Container Gardening (using pots, vessels, and terrariums for putting plants)
  • Hydroponics (growing plants in sand or water without soil by adding essential nutrients)
  • Living or Edible walls (growing plants on the walls are a unique idea. Water is supplied through inbuilt irrigation tanks)

There is a vast range of plants, flowers, and herbs ready to grow indoors. Amongst all of the succulents are the most popular species which are chosen to grow indoors. 

Are Succulents good for indoor?

 Succulents are the easy-to-please species of plants that can survive even the toughest situations. 

  • Succulents can retain water for a long time due to their fleshy leaves and thick stems.
  • Unique, distinct leaf shapes make them eye-catchy and adaptive to the environment.
  • Winters offer dry air inside houses and succulents can easily survive such conditions where most houseplants may fail.

Flowering Succulents

Succulents themselves are pleasing in nature. The unique colors, shapes, and textures break the monotony in any artificial indoor garden. Imagine succulents with blooming flowers in your gardens. Flowering succulents!! That would be icing on the cake. Here are some flowering succulents to be planted indoors.

Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia)

It is known for being edible and highly nutritious. These are small in size and are known for their beautiful flowers. They have spines and need to be handled carefully. They require less water and lots of sunshine.


It is a type of flowering succulent loved for its rosette growth pattern. These species of succulents bloom beautifully and produce pink, yellow and orange flowers. These plants demand a lot of effort to maintain their rosette-like shape.

Aloe Vera Cactus 

These are mostly found in tropical regions across the world. The requirements of these plants are easy to meet. These aloe plants have sharp leaves which contain a gel that is used in a lot of cosmetics and medical products.

A string of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) 

These succulents are known for their subtle flowers. It is the perfect combination of foliage and flowers. It has pea-shaped leaves grown in strings suitable for hanging plantations. With proper care, they produce tiny flowers.

Easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri)

This species is named such because it produces flowers right during Easter. It is a spine-free cactus with 2 inch long segments. It needs more moisture and less light as compared to other species. The habitat of this cactus must be kept in mind for the best results.

Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum sp.)

These succulents are strong and flexible and can survive through anything. These require very less water as they grow in rocks and arid areas. These also produce beautiful little flowers. They take up lots of sunlight to survive.

Easter lily cactus (Echinopsis sp.)

These succulents put out a flower spike, which opens up to an enormous flower that covers the entire cactus. It is also known as “Flying Saucer” because under the right circumstances the cactus can continue producing flowers for a long time. These species need plenty of light and deep watering to bloom properly.

Powder Puff Cactus 

This variety of succulents are easily available. They are characterized by beautiful crown-like flowers. They mostly bloom during the springtime. These are relatively small in size. These must be grown in pots that don’t retain water.

Ice Plant (Delosperma sp.)

These varieties of succulents are found throughout the world but the origin is traced back to South Africa. They can act as ground covers anywhere. They love winters and can produce pink, purple, and yellow flowers.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumberger sp.)

These succulents produce colorful flowers and are perfect for winters. These are forests’ succulents and bloom during the Christmas months. It requires light moist soil and less sunlight which will suit its survival and growth.

Carrion flower  

These are a unique variety of flowering succulents. It is relatively small in size which produces only stems and flowers. These produce wacky-looking flowers and give a funky look to the garden. It needs drainage facilities to survive. 

Night-blooming cereus (Cereus op.)

These columnar cactus are known for blooming at night. Their elegant white flowers bloom in the dark which creates a spectacular vibe to stare at. These varieties of species even produce edible fruits.

Florist Kalanchoe  

These are the perfect choice of succulents for dressing up windowsills. These plants produce a mass number of little flowers around springtime. It needs proper drainage facilities and proper sun rays to bloom properly. 

Living stone (Lithops sp.) 

These are exciting and the weirdest succulents as they are well camouflaged in a rocky medium. These don’t need much space and can stay under an inch. These can be put in succulent pots and they can grow into gorgeous plants. a wide range of succulent pots is available on Popbox. These lithops require little to no water for survival. These produce daisy-like flowers around the spring season.

Moonstone plant  

These rosette succulents produce stone-shaped leaves. The flowers hang in clusters from a single thin stem. The flowers grow in white and orange combinations. These require plenty of sunlight and drainage facilities to stay healthy. 

Most flowering succulents bloom throughout the year except the monocarpic succulents. Some succulents bloom only in specific seasons. Some succulents are easier to grow while others need extra effort. Succulents are always a wise choice if one is looking for unique leaves and beautiful flowers to bloom across balconies and windowsills.  

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